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Bad Credit Installment Loans: Get The Money You Need Now

First, let us congratulate you on taking the vital steps necessary to taking out a cash advance through Bad Credit Installment Loans and getting your financial issues in check. Before you get started exploring the rest of our easy to understand website, we’d first like to provide you with an overview of everything you need to know about payday loans.

What Payday Loans Are

In general, whether you call it a payday loan, an installment loan, or something else, in most cases it’s a lump sum of money used to help you achieve a goal. This could be to bridge the time between when you receive your paychecks or to make sure you’re able to pay a bill on time. Customers of Bad Credit Installment Loans use their payday loans many different ways.

What Payday Loans Are Not

Sometimes, it’s best to eliminate some of the confusion about payday loans, installment loans, and cash advances. Here are a few things that payday loans aren’t:

  • Free money you don’t have to pay back
  • Heavily-taxed loans that lock you into years of payments you’ll never come out from under
  • Contingent upon your current credit score
  • A long, paper-filled process that you’ll feel trapped in and have to play the waiting game with to get your money

How to Get Payday Loans, Part One

The first part of getting a payday loan revolves around making sure you qualify. That first sentence may make some people a little nervous, especially those who have been burned before by bad credit. Well, you’ll find that Bad Credit Installment Loans is an open-door business.

One of the things you need to know about payday loans is that a poor credit score does not automatically disqualify you for a loan, unlike the loans offered by banks. So consider our doors open to everyone. There are a few things you will need for getting a payday loan, including a driver’s license or other way to prove you’re age 18 or over and a citizen of the United States. You’ll also need a checking account (that’s where your loan gets deposited) and proof of employment, which must show you’ve been employed consecutively for three months earning at least $1,000 per month. Pretty easy, right?

How to Get Payday Loans, Part Two

OK, so you have all of your information and you’re happy to see how easy it is to prepare for getting a payday loan. The next step is the actual application itself. The Bad Credit Installment Loans application – available for free on our website 24/7 – makes the process simple. Like the rest of our business, the application process is done entirely online. This really is the biggest step in getting your payday loan.

When you’re ready, you simply fill out the application, which will ask for all of that information we just talked about in part one. It’s just like filling out any other type of form and can go as quickly as you can type and click. If you’d like to stop and start, work at your own pace, or fill out the application in between work and home life, you’re more than invited to do so.

Next Steps

We aim to successfully complete matching our applicants with their lending institutions in the space of only a couple minutes. Once you choose your lender and complete their loan contract, you will be getting your funds within the next business day. This means that in most cases, you’ll find your loan deposited in your checking account within 24 hours. In just a day’s time, you can be on your way to paying down a mortgage, eradicating a late fee, and building your credit score back up from the ground. You’re never required to accept the loan, and when you do receive the offer, it’s explained in simple and understandable terms. You’ll know what you’re accepting and will feel secure and comfortable with it.

Finally, you’ll need to keep in mind that whatever you decide to call it: your installment loan or cash advance. It is still very much a loan. You’re borrowing money just as you would at a brick-and-mortar bank, so that’s a commitment you’re making to pay it back. All of this information is in your loan agreement, but it’s good to have a plan in place before your loan clock starts ticking.

The absolute, number one way to save money on an installment loan is to pay it back on time. When you don’t, that’s when you start incurring fees and other charges. This could start a messy cycle, so why let that happen? Instead, see the loan for what it is – a way to temporarily solve a situation – and when that situation is settled, close out the loan and enjoy the benefits of the solution.

More Tips

We hope we’ve provided a good start for your payday loan. Here are a few other tips we’ve found helpful for our customers along the way:

  • Not all states allow payday loans. This can save you time for the research and application process. It’s not up to us at Bad Credit Installment Loans, as we’d love to provide payday loans to everyone who needs them. It’s regulated on a state level by your government, so you can check with your state’s consumer protection agencies to see if they allow payday loans where you live.
  • Loans can be one-time or on going. It can be really hard to see into the future – or everyone would make a killing on the stock market. Whether this is your first time with us at Bad Credit Installment Loans or you’re returning, we welcome you. Keep in mind that some states allow loan rollovers, which allows you to extend your loan. This does come with an associated cost, so be careful.

We hope this help explains some of the details behind payday loans. If not, try perusing some more of our free-to-read articles on Bad Credit Installment Loans.

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